Zund G3 3XL-3200

printing machine

Talk about cutting edge …

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New Zund G3 3XL-3200 cuts virtually any shape, any material It takes eye-catching shapes and unusual materials to get your product noticed. Now, thanks to the new Zund G3 3XL-3200 digital cutter at Color Reflections Las Vegas, you can really grab your customers’ attention.


At 10 feet wide, the Zund is the largest cutter in the world. Made in Switzerland, this amazing piece of precision equipment runs like a Swiss watch. It’s the world’s fastest, most precise digital cutting system, using camera-guided cutting and routing technologies. What that means for you is a clear-cut advantage. You stand out with more creative, sharper-looking, custom-cut graphics: everything from banners, posters, flags, vehicle wraps, building wraps, floor graphics, store décor, POS displays, 3D models, to exhibits and more.

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The Zund easily handles a wide variety of substrates: rigid materials such as plexiglass, aluminum and foam core; or textiles including vinyl and fabric. Tool capabilities include V cutting, Braille, kiss cutting, routing and rotary knife cutting. In other words, we can produce just about any combination of shape and substrate you can imagine.

The Zund digital cutter is just one of the latest enhancements to our large-format printing and trade show graphics capabilities. It’s part of our continuing dedication to using the latest technology to deliver great products and excellent customer service. Make your next project a cut above the rest with Color Reflections Las Vegas and the Zund digital cutter. Contact your sales representative at 702-262-9300, or [email protected] to learn more today.

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