Stay Cool & Carry On Part 3

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“Most Americans are very cool people.” – Henry Rollins

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 3.32.32 PMOh, the good old summertime…but when the sun and heat become intolerable, it’s time to head indoors. Even seasoned sun-worshippers know when to surrender to the cool inside. Everyone is susceptible to heat exhaustion, particularly young children, older adults and pets, so be sure they are protected from the hottest temperatures of the day.

Rising temperatures call for a change in routine, saving outdoor activities for mornings and late evenings. Sports games, swimming, gardening, walking, jogging, and all physical activities should be reserved for the cooler times of the day.

If your schedule permits, how about taking the kids to an afternoon movie? Or going with a friend? Museums and libraries are great places to cool off while viewing interesting exhibits or reading the latest books, magazines, and newspapers. Check out the children’s section for interesting books, entertaining videos, and educational and fun games. Children love being read to especially by their parents or special adults. Look for the story schedule at your local library.

ice-skatesThere’s always bowling or billiards, indoor skating rinks, both roller and ice skating, for quick cool-offs. Stroll the mall or visit an ice cream shop for a cooling treat. Take a class, learn a new indoor sport, skill or craft. You’ll stay cool while expanding your talents. Summertime is a good time for adults to get in touch with the child-within by enjoying time with children, your own or someone else’s, and planning fun outings.

Children can find hundreds of ways to be entertained indoors as long as they have adult guidance. Allow video games for limited periods of time, and give them opportunities to engage with one another, be creative and try new things. Children love games of any sort. Board games, playing cards, coloring, painting, indoor hide and seek, making an indoor tent and crawling in it with a good book, playing dress-up or make-believe, are a few suggestions. Invite them to be a part in preparing cooling snacks, such as making fruit smoothies and no-bake frozen treats.

So, here’s to the good old summertime and enjoying a safe fun-in-the-sun summer season. The musician and writer, Henry Rollins, had it right when he said, “Americans are very cool people,” though he probably wasn’t referring to staying cool in the summertime. Or was he?



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