Does Your “Giveaway” Make A Positive Impression….

custom made guitar picks and a commemorative case

                                   or end up in a trash can?

Tchochke, trinket, swag, giveaway, promo item. Any way you say it, these freebies make an impression. Choosing the right item can help attract visitors to your trade show booth, generate buzz during and after an event, reinforce your message, and leave a positive impression that converts to sales.


Promo Products & Color Reflections Las Vegas

A few tips – and a little help from Color Reflections Las Vegas – can help you make the most of your investment.

Start With The “Why”

Why are you giving stuff away? Make sure you’re clear: is it to introduce a new product, complement a current ad campaign, say “thank you” to your top-tier customers, or make an impression on as many people as possible? All of these play in to your budget, and choice of what will be most effective.

Know Your Audience

You need to know who will be there (established customers, new prospects, decision makers, etc.), and understand what they’ll want to use (or at least display on a desk) and keep. By “keeping” something, we don’t mean giving it to their children. Ask your sales team or select customers for their input on what’s most appealing.

Be Different

The “can’t miss hot item of the season” is probably the same thing your competition is giving away. Be in tune with trends, but better to be in line with your “why,” your audience, and be clever. Meeting your objectives, and giving items with high perceived value and low actual cost, are a win for both your brand and your pocketbook.

Let Us Help

Give us a call at Color Reflections Las Vegas. We’ll ask for background about your show, objectives, audience, message and budget. Let’s work together to develop creative, budget-friendly and effective giveaways. From the biggest graphics to the smallest promo item, let’s work together to make your show a success. In the meantime, browse through our catalog at:

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