Competing Among The Masses At Your Next Trade Show Convention

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Worried About How To Compete Among The Masses At Your Next Trade Show Convention?

There are a lot of expenses, time and effort associated with planning your trade show attendance. Maximizing your efforts and financial investment is a priority, and making your company presence stand out among the many other competitors at trade shows requires a lot of advanced preparation, along with creativity and imagination. Competing in this new, over-saturated marketing world, exhibitors must consider the way they define their goals and how they execute their marketing plan. For example it is important to create branded messages that not only capture the attention of trade show attendees (your potential and existing clients) but also accurately promote your company. It is important to make the best of the experience while you are there.


But an exhibitor can also extend the payoff of their trade show investment into the future in the form of press releases, blog posts, photos, video footage and other buzz created while at the show. A trade show presence is an irreplaceable venue for interaction with key industry players, but it’s also a wonderful place to get in front of the media. Reporters from media outlets throughout the country, and indeed the world, attend trade shows looking for trends to report on. The better prepared you and your staff are, and the better your trade show display looks, the more likely you’ll be featured in a news story from the trade show floor.

And you can create your own media splash from the event yourself. An emerging trend in trade show marketing is for companies to launch a new product, announce a new service, or feature exciting demos within their trade show booth space, and document it all with photos and video footage. They then use the content they captured from that blitz across all the media formats and outlets they can. They immediately add posts to their blogs, send out press releases, and distribute the video. The trade show display acts as the stage in many cases, making sure their name, their brand, and their unique offer is seen and understood by whoever sees the photos and watches the clips.


Pulling that sort of coordinated marketing effort together may seem a daunting task, but have no fear, there are resources available to help you. Our trade show consultants can help exhibitors develop a strategy, create a design that supports your show activities and goals, establish a budget and help you stick to it, and handle all of the logistical details of the show itself. Because a seasoned trade show consultant has managed many exhibiting programs, they can suggest best practices to save time and money and help exhibitors catch potentially disastrous problems before the show. Exhibitors that work with trade show consultants have more time to devote to other planning for the show, such as rehearsing that demo presentation or energizing the sales professionals that will be staffing your exhibit.

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