Our Proprietary Fabric Printing Material ~ EconFab® Perfect for Trade Show Graphics!

Do you want your company’s Trade Show Booth to POP with bright color Fabric Printing? When it comes to attracting the attention of the trade show attendees, Large Format Fabric Printing is the answer. EconoFab is Color Reflections Las Vegas‘ proprietary answer to competitive priced large format fabric printing. With EconoFab, achieve the same vibrant, unique look as other fabrics, with a more cost-effective finished product.  It is important that your exhibit attracts attention and presents your brand in a professional and cutting edge manner. Our Large Format Fabric Printing Services are perfect for Trade Show Graphics and Display Booths. EconoFab Fabric printing is your answer to beautiful eye catching Fabric Printing. Weather it’s SEG or hem and grommets, Color Reflections Las Vegas understands how much time and planning goes into your Trade Show presence. If your Display Booth does not attract attention and leave a lasting impression, generating leads for your business could prove to be a challenge.
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flower and bird pictures
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In-House Custom Fabric Banner Printing 7 Days A Week

All of our Fabric Banners are produced and finished in house. Our 7 day a week hours of operation allow us to handle last minute production needs, and can help you in those traumatic times when your show is about to start but your graphics didn’t make it with you!

 Cost-Effective Trade Show Printing Material That Create Stunning Images

Our EconoFab is a proprietary fabric material that provides you a cost-effective finished product that holds the most stunning images and displays seldom seen on the highest priced materials. Priced at 20% less than our other fabric products, EconoFab has a gloss finish (like a Soft Satin), with a dull reverse side (like a Soft Knit) material, which is easy to sew for SEG applications. Truly vivid, intensely saturated full color images set your Brand apart in ways that will attract and captivate all audiences.