12 Days Of Giving

12 days of giving display

12 Days Of Giving by JCP


JCP‘s 12 Days of Giving promotion was held in ten cities across the United States.  The event gave out a variety of things including bundles of fire wood, poinsettias, hot chocolate and much more.  The event team also passed out buttons that had code numbers on the back.  These codes could be entered at the JCP website to win gift certificates.


Color Reflections Las Vegas worked with Mother New York to produce the large gift wrapped boxes and cubes seen in the photos.  One challenge with the project was producing something that looked very authentic but had to be able to ship to multiple locations.  Color Reflections used actual shipping boxes of various sizes and completely wrapped them with adhesive backed vinyl.  This way the boxes, which were as large at 36” x 36” x 36” could ship flat.  The event team simply had to pop them open and secure with the double stick tape.  The real challenge of the job was we had three days to produce and ship 78 cubes and 29 disks.

Happy Holidays!


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