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Installation: Where it all comes together

Picture it: Your brand, hanging proudly, draped down the side of a huge building. Seen from miles away. Announcing your presence in the coolest way you could ever have imagined. It all started by coming up with a message. That was easy, because you know your brand. Then, you worked with a large-format printer, and […]

What exactly is Large Format Printing?

They are the three words that are most commonly associated with what we do at Color Reflections Las Vegas, but outside of our industry, most people don’t really know what they entail. Large. Format. Printing. What exactly is large format printing? On the surface, describing it seems simple enough. We print things. Big things. Like […]

Installation and Shipping Made Easy: Here’s What You Need to Know!

Large Format Installation Services

Installation and Shipping Made Easy: Here’s What You Need to Know! Color Reflections Las Vegas brings about any “Big Printing” product to life but delivery and installation is a big part of who we are too. We’re committed to making the final steps of your project seamless, simple and straightforward. You’ve taken special care to […]

3 Things To Expect In The Future Of Trade Shows


When planning for future trade shows, exhibitors should strive to stay ahead of the curve. Event solutions that worked in the past may be simply outdated and ineffective by today’s standards. Modern trade show conferences reward exhibitors that creatively implement technology and engage with attendees on a personal level. Exhibitors looking to develop innovative event strategies […]

Competing Among The Masses At Your Next Trade Show Convention

trade show booths in Las Vegas

Worried About How To Compete Among The Masses At Your Next Trade Show Convention? There are a lot of expenses, time and effort associated with planning your trade show attendance. Maximizing your efforts and financial investment is a priority, and making your company presence stand out among the many other competitors at trade shows requires […]

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