Your 2022 Guide to Trade Show Displays

Trade shows can be an important part of any company’s marketing strategy. These are large events that bring industries together, demonstrate what your company has to offer, and so much more. Trade show booths and displays are about more than simply showing up, though. You don’t want to fall into the same old stale, boring, corporate booth displays and have all that foot traffic pass you by.


The benefits of exhibiting at trade shows this fall are plentiful. There are many positive benefits that can come out of running a trade show booth—with an excellent trade show display of course.

There is, after all, a reason so many marketing teams plan and budget for these events each year with an average 31.6% of the budget dedicated to events and exhibiting. While trade show ROI can be difficult to calculate, the stats show the potential is promising.

So, why should you exhibit at a trade show?

  • Generate leads. Trade shows are an excellent way to generate leads. Statistics show that 4 out of 5 attendees are potential customers. They may not be ready to buy “right now”, but by capturing their contact information, you can turn that not right now into a sale later on.

  • Showcase products or services. Your exhibit puts your products and services directly in front of your target market and those fitting your ideal customer profiles (ICP).

  • Competitor research. A sizable number of companies will attend a trade show simply because their competition will be there. It is an opportunity to get in front of the same people and give you a glimpse into your competition’s strategy.

  • Networking opportunities. Trade shows are very industry specific. Attending these events is an excellent opportunity to network with other industry players.

Though we have moved past the interruptions of the pandemic, it is important to prepare yourself for future disruptors as well. Trade shows are too important to the marketing strategy to forgo them completely should something like this happen again.


Trade shows can have an incredible impact, generating new business and getting you in front of the right audience. But, without an enticing, exciting, and interesting trade show display, all that foot traffic might be passing you by. It’s important to include some of the trade show booth display essentials so you don’t blend into the scenery.

First and foremost, you need to think about branding. Branding is an essential part of any trade show display. Attendees should know exactly who you are just by glancing at your booth. That branding should extend to whatever swag you’re offering as well. That way they’re taking a little bit of your brand with them when they go.

You should also include these in your trade show display:

  •  Trade show banners. Trade show banners (retractable, hanging, etc.), flags, and pop-up trade show displays are a great, easy, and portable way to grab attention and put your brand top of mind for attendees with branded trade show graphics.

    • Silicone edge graphics (SEG) are excellent for use in trade shows. Not only are they some of the simplest portable trade show displays, silicone edge graphics can even be backlit to bring even more eyes to your trade show display!

  • Trade show flooring. While trade show flooring may seem an odd choice, it really isn’t. If your booth is large enough, attendees will be stepping in. You want them to be immersed in your brand from top to bottom. That includes the floor.

  • Trade show signs. Trade show signs are absolutely essential for your trade show displays. These can be simple flyers you hand out or dimensional signage that really draws attention to your trade show booth and put your trade show graphics on display.

  • Trade show tablecloth. A trade show tablecloth is often the first thing that trade show exhibitors order and with good reason. Even if your trade show booth is small, a trade show tablecloth can help brand your booth and draw the attention of those passing by.

  • Trade show tent. Is this an outdoor event? Then, you want a customized pop-up tent to protect you from the elements while branding your booth and drawing in the eyes. You can add sidewalls and backwalls for even more opportunity to brand.

Looking for an easy, all-in-one solution? Color Reflections has bundled some of the trade show display essentials you need to exhibit excellently in our trade show packages. Whether you’re exhibiting inside or outside, we’ve got you covered—literally. Standard, Deluxe, or Premium, our packages include all of the essentials to get you ready for your next trade show exhibit.

1 x 10x10' custom printed pop-up tent (2 x sidewalls, 1 x back wall), 1 x 6' banner stand, 1 x 6' custom printed table cover, 2 x 12' flags. - Starting at $1,225

If you’re traveling far or frequenting trade shows during trade show season, it’s important to have portable trade show displays. What does that mean? It means having trade show displays that are easy to travel, easy to assemble, and easy to break down.

Pop-up trade show displays can make your trade show experience much more enjoyable. Displays for trade shows don’t have to be grandiose to be enticing. Nobody wants to be lugging around heavy, cumbersome setups that require a team (or a professional) just to put together. If you have a larger booth, that may be unavoidable. But, for smaller trade show booths or events, portable is the way to go.

Start with a simple trade show tablecloth—branded of course. Then include some trade show banners and trade show signs that are easy to put up and break down like retractable signs or silicone edge graphics (SEG).

Let Color Reflections help you exhibit excellently. See what we can do for your trade show booth displays.

1 x 8' custom table cover, 2 x 30" retractable banners, 1 x printed floor graphics, 1 x 10x10' pillow case fabric back drop with hardware. - Starting at $1,495

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