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COVID Community Efforts

Through the most difficult of times, while we are all in search of finding our new normal, one thing hasn’t changed: The remarkable resolve of the Las Vegas community. We’ve seen it for 25 years, and the situation surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) is no different. We strongly encourage ALL of you to stay safe and take […]

Installation: Where it all comes together

Picture it: Your brand, hanging proudly, draped down the side of a huge building. Seen from miles away. Announcing your presence in the coolest way you could ever have imagined. It all started by coming up with a message. That was easy, because you know your brand. Then, you worked with a large-format printer, and […]

What exactly is Large Format Printing?

They are the three words that are most commonly associated with what we do at Color Reflections Las Vegas, but outside of our industry, most people don’t really know what they entail. Large. Format. Printing. What exactly is large format printing? On the surface, describing it seems simple enough. We print things. Big things. Like […]

Color Reflections Las Vegas Hits The Mark At The PDC and North American & Masters Dart Tournament

View from back of the room of the US Darts Masters at Mandalay Bay

Color Reflections Las Vegas recently worked with R&R Partners in creating all of the stage graphics, signage, and trophies for the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) and North American & Masters Dart Tournament at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, here in Las Vegas! What a great event!  We really enjoy working with the professionals at R&R […]

Ever Wonder How We Install All Of Those Beautiful Wall Graphics?

Wall Graphics Installation

At Color Reflections Las Vegas We Have Your Walls Covered! We have a saying that “No Job Is Too Big” for our installation team!  In Las Vegas, you have seen our work on the sides of large buildings, hotels and at bus stop locations! We’re also sure you have seen our work inside office buildings, car […]

Stay Cool & Carry On Part 3

person at the beach

“Most Americans are very cool people.” – Henry Rollins Oh, the good old summertime…but when the sun and heat become intolerable, it’s time to head indoors. Even seasoned sun-worshippers know when to surrender to the cool inside. Everyone is susceptible to heat exhaustion, particularly young children, older adults and pets, so be sure they are […]

Stay Cool and Carry On

person on the beach

“Good words cool more than cold water.”- John Ray No matter if your mantra is “Stay cool,”  “Keep cool,” “Be Cool,” or just plain “Cool,” these are perfect sentiments to keep in mind as the warm weather approaches. . In this series on ways to stay cool and enjoy the warm weather, we’ll address three […]

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