5 Common Retail Graphics Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Avoid These Common Retail Graphics Mistakes

Retail graphics do more than beautify a store. They show the customers where to go, what to focus on, and what’s coming up. They can even have an effect on how customer’s view your establishment. So, it is no surprise that the right graphics make all the difference.

Unfortunately, that means that bad retail graphics can have an impact as well. Retail graphics mistakes can do more than lose a simple one-time sale. They can impact a customer’s opinion of a retail location.

With social media and word-of-mouth referrals so popular in today’s digital world, one customer’s negative opinion could trickle down quickly. The most common retail graphics mistakes are easy to avoid. But, only if you know what to look for.

Happy customers can lead to higher revenue. Avoid these common mistakes with your retail signage displays.

Outdated Graphics

Outdated graphics do more than simply provide customers with incorrect or outdated information. Old and outdated retail signage displays can make the retailer or retail location look bad.

Nobody wants to deal with angry customers demanding access to a sale that’s long over. Or a social media callout that will live on in infamy.

There are two types of outdated graphics:

1. Temporary Graphics That Need Changing Often

Many retail stores will display seasonal graphics as well as retail signage displays that discuss upcoming sales or events. If these are not changed out often, customers can get confused about what’s active and what’s not.

If you have specific display areas or know that you need to change your retail graphics and signage displays consistently, there are options to simplify things. Color Reflections offers magnetic signage that allows you to switch out displays quickly and easily—without losing seasonal displays each year.

The easy to install option is cost-effective without limiting creative potential. You can switch out with ease, or layer to make quick switching simple. Frames can be easily combined to create the size you need.

2. Old Graphics That Need a Refresh

Old or damaged retail signage displays will most certainly not have the desired effect. In fact, the state of your signs can reflect poorly on the store. Peeled, broken, dented, torn, or vandalized signage should be replaced.

If displays are too old, you also run into the issue of “display fatigue”. Customers will become so familiar with the signage they won’t even notice it anymore. Regular graphics updates are an important part of any retailer’s marketing strategy.

Keep things fresh with regularly updated floor graphics, point of sale displays, wall graphics, indoor and outdoor signage, promotional signage, and more.

Inaccessible Graphics

There are regulations to follow when it comes to ADA signage. Contrary to popular belief, ADA signage is more than simply including braille below the displayed information on permanent signs. The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was updated to include the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (SAD). There are specific requirements state, county, and local government facilities as well as public accommodations and commercial facilities must follow.  Inability to follow these regulations will lead to fines.

In addition to ADA-compliant signage, accessibility and inclusivity within retail environments are important for public-facing establishments. You want to make sure that your customers with disabilities can comfortably shop at your establishment.

You can do this by providing:

  • Retail graphics that consider visual impairment: Low or no-glare finishes, high-level contrast, accessible font, and character properties
  • Floor graphics to clearly mark routes that are more accessible
  • Retail signage displays that are at a level visible for those with mobility impairments

Color Reflections has the knowledge and experience to help you design and display ADA signage as well as accessible graphics for your retail locations.

Non-Converting Graphics

In-store graphics are often informative. And while they may inspire action, they don’t necessarily inspire conversions. There are several ways you can use your in-store signage and outdoor advertisements to convert customers. QR codes are one of the more common.

Including QR codes in your in-store signage or outdoor retail graphics can add an entirely new dimension to your marketing efforts. QR codes have the ability to continue the customer journey even after the customer steps outside of your establishment.

What benefits do QR codes in your retail signage displays have?

  • Lead Generation Tool. QR codes can link customers directly to sign-up forms for newsletters, wait lists, loyalty programs, or event RSVPs.
  • Customer Journey Tracking. Not only can you capture their contact information through forms, but you can also provide online checkout options.
  • Boost Website Traffic and App Downloads. Pushing customers toward your website or your app while in-store with an easy, scannable QR code.
  • Provide Better Customer Experience. Customer experience is everything these days. Link to customer service or in-store maps, or additional availability online.
  • Connect In-Store Marketing Efforts to Digital Marketing Efforts. You can get more measurable results with a simple in-store retail graphic.

QR codes are an excellent addition to in-store retail signage displays, outdoor retail graphics or advertisements, window decals, floor graphics, and more.

Holiday Graphics

The holiday shopping season that begins with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and stretches on to New Year’s Day can account for 19-40% of retailers’ total annual sales numbers. 65% of holiday shoppers wait for holiday deals to decide about gifts and purchases. Unfortunately, they also don’t like the hyper-commercialization of the holiday season. So, it is a delicate balance for holiday graphics that should absolutely be planned well in advance.

Summer is the time to start considering your holiday retail graphics. You need to start thinking about:

  • Point of purchase displays. Keep things seasonal while also upselling items or making customers aware of upcoming deals and events
  • Indoor retail signage displays. Highlight top items for the season, deals, events, and more with your in-store signage.
  • Outdoor retail graphics. Draw customers in and make them aware of upcoming deals and events.
  • Flags and banners. These can direct customers and make them aware of deals and promotions.
  • Window decals. Keep things festive while you draw in foot traffic.
  • Floor graphics. Lead customers directly to sought-after items.

DIY Graphics

There are a number of reasons that retail establishments should be working with professional printing companies for their retail graphics. A large amount of money is spent on retail graphics each year, but if retailers are attempting to handle the signage themselves, or use companies not accustomed to this type of graphic, it may not have the desired effect.

Professional printing companies have experience designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining your retail signage. They can eliminate some of the other commonly made retail graphics mistakes:

  • Improper installation: sagging signs, signs that pose a danger to customers
  • Bad graphic design: spelling and grammatical errors, illegible fonts and colors, too high or too low contrast, uneven spacing
  • Bad materials: unsuitable for the environment, not durable enough

Collaborate with a professional large print digital printing company and ensure your graphics do their job. Together, we can create a cohesive retail graphics plan that you and your customers will enjoy. Contact us today for a Rapid Quote.

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