Celebrate and Support Employees with Return to Work Graphics

It’s official! Companies everywhere are opening their doors again as employees return to work. Employers may seem eager to get back to normal, but the jury is still out on a full-time in-person presence. Now could be the perfect time to reimagine your office space with encouraging and inclusive event graphics from a professional sign printing service.

Graphics That Engage In-Person and Hybrid Employees

Wall graphics can add pops of color and uplifting messaging. Remind people where to find supplies with easy-to-follow floor graphics. Even telling staff about free coffee in the breakroom can become a unique tactile sign for the differently-abled. Whether hybrid or in-office, here are some ways graphics can make work a place employees want to be.

Ideas for Employees Working Back in the Office

For nearly two years, the employee commute consisted of walking from the kitchen to their makeshift home office set-up. Now, workspaces will buzz with conversations, some about traffic and the extra cost of gas, others will chat about post-pandemic team building opportunities. A few well-placed wall wraps or corporate graphics will help give them something stimulating to discuss. Some ideas for event graphics include:

  • Welcome Back Banners — Traditionally, these can easily grab customers’ attention or announce your services. Hang large banners in the lobby or main office area to show employees how much you appreciate them.
  • Custom Wall Murals — Refresh sterile white walls with eye-catching wraps that help motivate your staff, like customer quotes, inspirational sayings, and even a corporate timeline or mission statement.
  • COVID Safety Signs — The pandemic may be slowing down, but workers’ safety is still a priority. Help keep employees healthy with hand sanitizing stations, partitions by desks, and even custom face shields.

Ideas for Employees Working on a Hybrid Basis

The pandemic proved that hybrid work models are successful. On the days some employees return to the office, graphic signage can do more than help them remember their way around. The “new normal” may have a few new rules that staff should follow. Here are a few ways to grab their attention:

  • Floor Graphics — These were a staple in every store, bank, and gas station, asking people to stay 6 feet apart. Companies can use strategic custom floor decals as a fun way to remind people where to find things, like the supply closet, employee lockers, the breakroom, and the bathroom.
  • Cabinet Stickers — Forget the classic label maker. Kick it up a notch with return-to-work custom labels and icons that identify stored items like plates, mugs, silverware, or company coffee storage. It can help save employees time while they reacclimate to office life.
  • Corrugated Boards and Table Stands — Many office procedures changed during COVID. If your company has new safety guidelines or workplace protocols, display them on medium to large corrugated boards. You can even design multiple smaller table stands specific for bathroom information and kitchen policies.

Graphics That Promote Accessibility and Inclusiveness

Not only are companies hyper-focused on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), but close to 80% of employees surveyed in 2021 said they want to work with employers who place a high value on DEI. It’s important to note that this isn’t just about promoting employees of color or standing up for social issues. It also means helping those in your workforce with visual, mobility, or hearing impairments.

Create Messaging For Differently-Abled Employees

Since 1990, ADA compliance has been the gold standard for accommodating persons with disabilities. You can set employees up for success with innovative graphics designed around impairments. Some ways to remove barriers with accessible and inclusive designs include:

  • Tactile signage on bathrooms, breakrooms, covid safety signs, and updated procedural signs will help those unable to see navigate through the building and feel included in employee messaging.

  • Increase color contrast for those with low vision or experience color-blindness.

  • Increase font size and spacing on small banners, table stands, and labels.

  • Consider using large format graphics for increased visibility.

  • Stay away from signs with small patterns or three-dimensional effects that distort images. These can be challenging for those with mobility or balance issues.

Spark Conversations With DEI Designs

Adopting a supportive DEI policy can strengthen team bonds among workers. An effective way to embrace and celebrate employee differences is by placing unifying messages on wall wraps, privacy films, or custom-printed panels throughout the office. Displaying the fundamentals of DEI on table stands or stickers can also show your company’s commitment to a diverse and inclusive culture.

Make Graphics Part of Your Return to Work Strategy

Even if your team has returned to the office in some capacity, it’s never too late to implement an all-out graphics blitz. Shake things up with a Monday morning surprise by setting up or installing large and small custom prints and signs on the weekends. It’s an excellent way to bolster company pride while advocating for those with impairments.

Appreciation goes a long way. Even small changes like adding fun floor graphics can help motivate your employees. Talk to the event printing experts at Color Reflections today to create a unique Get Back To Work experience for everyone on your staff. Contact us today for a rapid quote.

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