The Graphics You Need for Successful Corporate Events and Parties

Big corporate events and parties have been largely dormant since the spring of 2020, but that is beginning to change. As bigger events slowly begin to become commonplace once again, there has never been a better time to reconsider the graphics that you’ll need to refresh or replace for your upcoming parties. Here’s how to successfully plan your event printing and graphics needs for your next big in-person get-together.

What Event Graphics Do You Have Already?

A good place to start defining the printing and graphics needs for your next party, gala, or fundraiser is by looking at the branding and event graphics that you are already working with. Your event should aim for consistency across logos, colors, messaging, and consistency.

Work with your event planning team to identify the priorities and existing assets. Identify a list of assets that you are missing completely, ones that need an update, and ones that are still good to go.

Define Your Audience

The audience of your party will greatly influence the printing needs of your event. Deeply understanding your audience will let you plan out the perfect graphics. Before running off to your printing partner, be sure you have considered questions like:

  • Is the event directly related to your business, or for an external cause or celebration?
  • Is it a one-off event, or will there be similar ones to follow?
  • Is it primarily for team members or for external partners and stakeholders? This will significantly change how you need to position and promote your brand.

Color and Typography

Working with corporate colors can take the guesswork out of some of your printing requirements. But if you need some guidance on determining a color scheme for a specific event, try these online tools:

Your colors should be consistent and visible on all of your printed event graphics, making them coherent and easily recognizable for guests. For example, don’t make banners orange, and your roll-ups in neon green…unless, of course, you’re Nickelodeon.

Your colors and printing will also depend on the design and quantity of your text:

  • Materials with lots of text should use a serif type to improve legibility and employ colors that maximize readability.
  • Use an appropriate font size for any given printed materials. For example, directional signage should be large enough to be read from a distance.
  • Check for spelling mistakes and typos. Printed graphics with errors can be a costly mistake and will impact the legitimacy of your party and brand.

Plan Your Printing Needs

With your audience, color, and branding needs defined, you can determine what specific graphics your event demands. A good printer can help you determine the most appropriate event printing solutions for you, but this will often include:

  • Banners
  • Feather Flags
  • Roll-Ups
  • Custom Backdrops
  • Temporary Wall Graphics
  • Floor Stickers
  • Seating Charts
  • A-Frames
  • Dance Floors
  • Event Tents
  • Table Throws/Covers
  • Step and Repeats
  • Branded Promotional Items
  • Life-Size Standees

Event Examples

Company Party or Celebration

Company parties have become more exciting following many months apart. After going so long without large get-togethers, full signage is more important than ever so that everyone feels comfortable knowing where to go, what to do, and where to sit. Event signage and materials you’ll need printed at your company party include:

  • Seating charts – Keep everyone organized with a large printed table chart along with nameplates at each seat
  • Food allergy signage – Special signage describing what food can be eaten, common food requests are dairy-free, vegan, nut-free, gluten-free, and soy-free.
  • Agenda – What happens when and where are people supposed to go? A large agenda placed in a conspicuous location and at each table can help to keep people straight.
  • Wayfaring signage – Where are the bathroom, bars, and event rooms? Print a large map to help guide people, along with floor stickers, A-frames, and other directional signage to minimize confusion.

Corporate Retreat

Getting together with the team in person and away from home is a big deal, so make a big splash with these event favorites:

  • Swag – Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt? But you can also level up your swag to be even more memorable. Get creative with computer covers, corporate masks, or headsets repping the company logo.
  • Agenda and team charts – Retreats can be jam-packed with multiple things happening, so be sure to have an agenda and a map on hand for each person and adequate directional signage throughout your retreat location to keep everyone on track and on schedule.
  • Plan something fun – Goofy pictures of executives, corporate pet portraits, an interactive employee gallery, or even a large-scale temporary art exhibit that features your employees. You could turn it into a game like putting kids’ photos up and asking everyone to guess who they are, the top answers win a prize.

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